AboBhomoyi is committed to offering elite support and market-driving property development service to our clients. We are enthusiastic about offering the value add benefits with quality and proven safety record in all our service offering.

We endeavor to turning the dream housing and residential into reality for all our customers.

Our services

  • Building and Civil construction

We continually innovate, develop and adopt state-of-the-art technology in methods and materials to enhance productivity and cost effectiveness of our construction sites and
We continually improve the competence of our team, and employ diverse, innovative & results-oriented personals, motivated to deliver excellence.
To build a safety culture aimed at continually reducing the frequency severity rate towards achieving zero incidents.

  • Renovations/ refurbishment

Our Renovations services are set up to provide high quality and affordable remodeling services with honest skilled people to ensure that the end product speaks volumes to the customers.

  • Facilities Management

Facilities have gone from a line item on the balance sheet to a key instrument for goal-setting and objective planning.
Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, productive and well-maintained physical environment for the Malls, hospitals, schools and student accommodation community by planning and delivering professional services that are sustainable and supportive of customer excellence, now and into the future.
Our vision is to be a leading professional Facilities Management team that is widely recognized for the creation and maintenance of exceptional and innovative creative environments.

  • Construction project management

Abobhomoyi Construction project management is about applying project management principles in managing construction projects leading to their successful execution.

We consistently build on our reputation for being the most unique, cutting edge Construction Project Management organisation which services Clients with clear goals and positive attitude, delivering an unparalleled quality of service, with smart, innovative solutions sustaining our position as leaders in the industry.

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